Here’s How It Works

3 Easy Steps


You decide to have a FAST CASH ATM at your location. Could be a temporary special event, or a permanent placement in your location. You decide which plan works best for you. See options here.


A FAST CASH technician installs your brand new FAST CASH ATM machine. Nothing for you to do, except point to where you would like it installed, make sure there is electricity, and a phone line.


Customers have a convenient way to access their bank accounts to get cash. Your cash sales increase, transaction expenses decrease, and you make money with every ATM transaction!

Cash is King




Use your FAST CASH ATM to advertise for you!

Advertising Options

Cross promotional advertising with custom tailored ads is also available on all FAST CASH ATM kiosks. When the ATM is being used, the consumer waits as their funds are accessed. A custom designed advertisement displays during that waiting period. When their transaction is completed, a second advertisement appears. In addition, 6 rotating advertisements play continuously during all periods of inactivity.

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Your Customers Get Fast Cash Easily and Conveniently


ATM connectivity at your convenience. invest more time growing your business by partnering with Fast Cash. It is like having a reliable partner who never sleeps while you concentrate on increasing profits.


Network architecture ensures multi-layered encryption between the ATM Machine and ATM processors. You can trust on the security standards incorporated that ensures availability 365 days a year with peace of mind security.

Technically Advanced

You are used to ATMs giving you cash, but how about making money for your business? Fast Cash offer ATM machines with state of the art technology that you and your business rely upon. Contact us today for more information.

Wireless Cash Machines

Why settle for less when ATM connectivity is at your finger tips. Fast Cash offer wireless cash machines with minimal foot print. We are committed in helping you grow your business while keeping the operation cost as low as possible.