We have a special event coming up. Can we get a FAST CASH ATM just for a limited time?2019-09-27T06:09:34-04:00

Absolutely! Contact Us today and to discuss your options.

We accept credit cards. Will getting a FAST CASH ATM still be profitable?2019-09-27T06:10:22-04:00

You bet! You can save money on credit card transaction fees, especially for smaller purchases. Plus, many younger customers are refusing to use credit, even if they have access.

Can I add my company name to my FAST CASH ATM?2019-09-27T06:10:51-04:00

Maybe. This depends on which FAST CASH ATM PLAN you choose. If you own or lease your ATM, the answer is usually, yes. In fact, co-branding is encouraged.

How secure are FAST CASH ATMs from being robbed?2019-09-27T06:11:40-04:00

There are 2 types of ATMs.

  • Level 1 armored ATMs used outdoors. These are ideal for farmers’ markets, outdoor concerts and special events, etc.
  • Non-armored ATMs used indoors where employees are present. There are ideal for inside malls, night clubs, movie theaters, gas stations, retail stores, restaurants, and bars, etc.
How much money can I expect to get from a FAST CASH ATM in my location?2019-09-27T06:12:12-04:00

There are several factors that influence the profit you can make from your FAST CASH ATM. They include:

  • Amount of traffic, and therefore transactions completed. The general rule is that 5% of your foot traffic uses your ATM.
  • FAST CASH ATM PLAN chosen. Each plan shares the surcharges differently.
  • Your ability to measure increased sales, and reduced transaction fees at the cash register as a result of the installation of the FAST CASH ATM. When these aspects are included it makes a significant difference, but most businesses do not, or cannot measure these indirect effects. Even without them the ATM is profitable!
How do you load cash into a FAST CASH ATM? Is it hard?2019-09-27T06:12:57-04:00

If your FAST CASH PLAN requires you to load the machine with cash, you will receive training when the machine is installed. Working with the machine itself is no harder than using a cash register.

As your money is withdrawn from the FAST CASH ATM, the same amount is then deposited back into your bank account within 24 to 48 hours (possibly longer on weekends and holidays). You are never out of pocket for more than a few days worth of withdrawals.

How much will I get paid from my own FAST CASH ATM? How do I get that money?2019-09-27T06:13:22-04:00

At the end of the every month of service, you get a detailed report of the transactions, cash dispensed and the total surcharges from your FAST CASH ATM. Your FAST CASH ATM PLAN choice outlines what amount is due to you as a result. An automatic deposit will be made directly into your bank account, based on the banking details or email address you register with the ATM.

What is included with my FAST CASH ATM lease or purchase?2019-09-27T06:13:53-04:00

At FAST CASH we make it easy! Contact Us today, and we’ll take care of everything. The professionals at FAST CASH know exactly what to do, so you can relax, and leave it to us!

Included with your new FAST CASH ATM is:

  • Shipping
  • Installation
  • Online Web Reporting
  • Receipt Paper
What are the monthly charges or are there any additional monthly fees for a new FAST CASH ATM?2019-09-27T06:14:22-04:00

Once you choose your FAST CASH ATM PLAN, your fees are established. Nothing hidden. All you will need is a dedicated electrical outlet. Your plan of choice will tell you if you need to provide the cash. We always supply the receipt paper.

What are the major reasons a retailer, business owner or event sponsor might purchase or lease a FAST CASH ATM?2019-09-27T06:14:55-04:00

A FAST CASH ATM on-site has many benefits:

  • Your customers access their cash from their bank debit and credit cards.
  • With more cash-in-hand, customers tend to make higher value purchases. Research shows increases of sales by up to half the amount that is withdrawn from your on-site ATM.
  • Customers don’t leave to get cash from the ATM nearby, risking that they will not return, losing potential sales.
  • Reduces the use of credit and debit cards, and their transaction fees.
  • Increased walk-in traffic.
  • Increases customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • ATMs are a profit center when you receive the surcharge revenue for each transaction.
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